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New Alliance is a world where the DC and Marvel Universes have always coexisted, perfectly intermingled. Their characters have either known each other before, or will meet in the future, as naturally as in any other game. Characters may be related, have gone to school together, or have any sort of history their players agree upon. This is not the Marvel Universe, nor the DC Universe – it is our own: the New Alliance Universe.

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New Alliance Directory [30 Jan 2022|09:20pm]

Hold/PB List [01 Jan 2022|05:16pm]
I'm Batm...err... Spider-man! - Spider-man )

Drop Box [01 Jan 2022|02:05am]
Kids? What kids? Only people reading comics these days are overweight men in their thirties with poor hygiene. And still living with their parents. Heck, if most of 'em did some a' the dangerous crap in this comic, it'd probably do the human gene pool a favor. That is, if any of 'em had a chance of reproducing sexually. - Grasshopper )

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